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This NEW BOOK Reveals the Blueprint for Breaking Free From Limitations

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The #1 Reason Why You Feel Stuck and Blocked

Hey, Renata here. I used to feel exactly the same way. No matter what I tried, how hard I worked, how many coaches or other experts I hired to help me, or how many degrees I got and what I learned - nothing seems to work.

When things get tough, and you hear others insistently suggesting things like stay positive, do scripting, use affirmations, meditate, etc., I often felt like throwing things at a wall or hiding even more.

I'm not bashing the positivity, meditation, or affirmations. Each has its place and can be wonderful tools . However, they aren't always the solution.

Here's What No One's Talking About...

I've learned and tried countless tools hoping to find the solution - to feel a sense of inner peace. But the moment I felt a little better, achieved more in business, something would happen, pulling me back down into the old.

I was constantly in yoyo mode.

Then I learned that all I was doing was putting bandages on unhealed wounds. My mind was protecting me (from feeling better, accomplishing more) by keeping me in a constant state of survival mode.

Basically, I was trying to live in the present was stuck living in the past.

I had no idea...

And when I finally connected the dots, started uncovering the why's, releasing and healing the past, my world has shifted.

When You Truly Understand, Heal, and Let Go, That's When Magic Happens

I found a way to tap into the invisible landscape of the mind where all the information is stored - the subconscious - the emotional and habitual part of you. This is what serves as an autopilot commander in your everyday life.

And unless you know how to access what's stored in there - your past experiences, fears, limitations, understand how to break old patterns and install a new system, you’ll find yourself spinning your wheels, feeling stuck no matter how hard you try.

Order "The Journey to Healing"

This is Your Guide to Freedom.

The secret is to UNLEARN and NEUTRALIZE, not to learn more...

It's not hard.

You don't have to repeat affirmations 100 times a day (unless you love it).

You don't have to meditate 5 hours each day (unless you love it).

Just follow the process.

In "The Journey to Healing," I give you ALL the necessary tools, a comprehensive blueprint - essentially, the roadmap into your inner SELF guiding you how to pull the weeds from the garden your mind.

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